Who We Are

Located in the wild and dramatic landscape of Caithness on the North East Coast of Scotland, North Lands Creative is one of the world’s most prestigious centres for the study and development of glass as an artform, providing excellent facilities, opportunities and inspiration to artists working with glass from all over the world.

From the beginning North Lands Creative has been a meeting place not only for glass artists but has also actively encouraged the participation of visual artists, architects and designers wishing to explore the technical and artistic potential of glass either on its own or in combination with other materials. International in outlook, its users, contributors and participants come from the local area and the rest of Scotland, the UK and beyond.


An international centre dedicated to the study and development of glass as an art form.


An international centre dedicated to the study and development of glass as an art form.


  • Integrate the principles of sustainable and environmental development  into  all  functions  of North Lands Creative;
  • Develop the understanding of and the engagement with North Lands Creative;
  • Develop North Lands Creative visitor and participant numbers;
  • Develop North Lands Creative programme activity, studio provision and services;
  • Develop the profile and awareness of North Lands Creative.

We will do this by:

  • Creating and developing an arts programme that is recognised as a model of excellence.

    We will bring world-class national and international artists to North Lands Creative, commission distinctive new work, and nurture artists. We will present innovative programming and offer great experiences for our many diverse audiences.

  • Ensuring creative learning for all underpins every aspect of our arts programme.

    We will shape inspiring approaches to engagement with the arts, promoting diversity and inclusion. We will reach out to new audiences and demonstrate the power creative learning has to add value to our experience of the arts.

  • Developing local, national and international partnerships beyond our walls.

    We will build strong and sustainable collaborations and partnerships with a range of outstanding associate artists and companies, funders and donors. We will reach out beyond our walls to work with local partners within communities across Caithness and beyond.

  • Embracing new technologies and the digital agenda.

    We will harness new technologies as an integral part of our arts programme, enabling unrivalled access to our work and increasing our impact and profile. Our website will introduce audiences to the new, encourage them to cross artistic boundaries, and make their experience of North Lands Creative richer.

  • Making the most of our studios and superb spaces.

    We will develop imaginative ways to welcome people to the commercial activity of North Lands Creative, enlivening our facilities and making it a place to feel at home. We will earn income and make the most of our great spaces, establishing a new benchmark of sustainability and we will develop the organisation in line with business needs and our brand values.


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