“Support from initiatives such as this partnership between North Lands Creative and the University of the Highlands & Islands has enabled me to have access to a highly skilled tutor and fantastic facilities. To say that I am grateful for this opportunity is an understatement. My art practice is sculptural and process based using predominantly natural materials with some metal working thrown in for good measure. Learning some casting techniques has given me some exciting ideas to go forward with and I will most certainly be aiming to visit North Lands Creative again in the future.”

Jane Bruce, Former Artistic Director

“As a former Artistic Director of North Lands Creative Glass (2002-07), I came to appreciate what a special place North Lands is for the international glass community. Since that time, I have worked with the North Lands team to create and deliver an ongoing series of International Symposia for professional artists and students. My experience of North Lands is that of a unique and valuable resource artists working in glass. Its location offers an exceptional and inspirational environment and its facilities are impressive supporting a wide range of glass processes and techniques.”

Corporate Sponsor

“North Lands Creative is an invaluable resource for both the national and international glass community.”

Roberta Mason, Master Class with James Maskrey 2015

“The Narrating Process Master Class with James Maskrey was a ‘life changing’ experience and has certainly made me think differently as I get back into my work/practice. The teaching from both James and Emma Baker(TA) was exceptional and the skills exchange day was very enlightening (Angela Thwaites/Yoav Reches/Anthony Scala). The facilities and support for cold working were brilliant and the place itself and the other students were inspiring.”

Gill Mannings Cox, Resident 1999

“The most inspiring place I ever worked in. I worked there twice, once on a scholarship residency and became so deeply immersed in the history and surroundings, in making glass there ans also making friends in the area, it was eventually a painful wrench to tear myself away! I’d come back like a shot. great memories!”

Susan Wood, Master Class with Anna Matouškova, 2010

“Anna was inspirational from the very beginning to the very end. She brought clarity of vision and a passions for form and aesthetic beauty. I had never been to Caithness before. I thought that it was really amazing – so tranquil, wonderful skies, fascinating history, rich variety of flowers. North Lands is an inspirational glass centre. It was great to see how each member of the group interpreted the landscape and architecture and the natural and man-made forms, structures and shapes.”

Jenny Mackenzie-Ross, Master Class with Magdalene Odundo, 2010

“I attended Magdalene’s class not quite knowing what to expect. Her work is so deeply considered and slowly formed. I had difficulty in imagining how her working practices could be created into hot glass. In fact her approach to us was open so that she drew out of us different ways of working. She was very astute about how we could individually explore the properties of glass within the context of her own work. The hot shop seemed to be the natural place for my forms to emerge maybe because I am interested in fluidity in clay, so the forms seemed to lend themselves to glass”

Louise Tait, Master Class with Mieke Groot and Dana Zamecnikova, 2009

“Every day of the class Mieke and Dana made sure that every one of the students got the most that they could from them and from the whole North Lands experience. We had the added benefit of two excellent Swedish glass blowers in Louise Olsson and Ulkrika Bratt and the ace Canadian TA Jamie Gray. I believe the class elevate my work to a different level. I benefited hugely from it.”

Carolyn Barlow, Master Class with Udo Zembok, 2009

“For Udo’s class the skills needed were challenging, the results often unexpected. Having previously only worked with stained, painted and fired pieces within more traditional leaded windows, this master class has dramatically influenced my work…I can experiment in many ways with greater depth and complexity of colour.”

Elizabeth Strath, 2009 Conference Delegate

“This was a conference free of elitism, clique making and even ennui… seventy five delegates freely mingled; the long, grey mile of the village street punctuated by animated greetings and discussion. Robust, generous hospitality was offered by North Lands with the sensitivity that distinguishes the Highlander’s reputation for a stranger. We all left Lybster with a strong sense of fellowship, purses stuffed with contact numbers and an excitement for future work, collaboration and conferences.”

Laura Reid, A Forest of Glass Residency, 2013

“For me I would go so far as to call the residency life changing. I made great friends, had the freedom and time to contemplate and create and have come away with enough memories and visual imagery to feed my creative fires for the next few years at least. I would 100% do the residency all over again”

Monica Neiman-Sotomayor, Master Class with Michael Rogers, 2011

“The class has enabled me to expand my visual vocabulary and my visual language. It is important to meet personal objectives. The class helped me immensely. From the moment that I got off the train and the bus began winding up the coast I was entranced with the scenery. Upon arriving at North Lands I felt embraced by the people and it was so easy and enjoyable to create and experiment. It has been on of these rare moments in life where everything is perfect.”

Jean J Campbell, Master Class with Ivana Šrámková, 2011

“The size of the class was ideal giving everyone a chance to participate fully. Ivana had difficulties with her English but it made up for it with her enthusiasm for her subject. Excellent tuition from Angela Thwaites who was a very valuable and knowledgeable TA.”

Irene McBride, Master Class with Cappy Thompson, 2011

“It was just wonderful to see Cappy at work and her film of her making the work at Seattle Airport which I have seen in real life. I had an exhausting, hardworking, informative, inspirational and wonderful time at North Lands. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”

Edison Zapata, Hot Glass Resident, 2011

“I have been the recipient of three other residencies – they have all been different. The North Lands experience, similar to my Japanese residency in Nagoya, was rich in culture, traditional aspects and historical importance. The remoteness but intimacy of being part of a community (although short) was very enriching for me. I have found a ‘new path’ I am happy to pursue in my work (actually a number of paths) The selection of the four artists was very strategic and it worked. We all worked cohesively learning from one another, exchanging ideas. I think these connections will continue. Working in this medium seems to thrive on how people connect and interact with one another. North Lands is special and unique.”

Frances Lever, Hot Glass Skills Class with James Maskrey, 2012

“My confidence has been boosted beyond anything I could have wished for. I have tried, learned and successfully produced pieces I have never believed I could. Through a combination of long and free working hours we all achieved a piece from each of the demonstrated skills. I preferred it to be a diverse group as everyone helped each other. I hadn’t been in a hot shop for a year prior to this class and was so scared and unconfident to get back into hot glass but through this class and Jim, I am much more confident and capable in the hot shop and will continue to practice when I leave.”

Flameworking Skills Class with Carrie Fertig. 2012

“It was worth every penny, great to learn so much in sch a short time. Great teacher. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in flamework. The session on how to set up your own studio was unexpected and really useful.”

Participant on Amanda Simmons Skills Class, 2015

“Beyond exception, I truly feel that I have started my artistic journey here. Thank you.”

Participant on Maria Bang Espersen Master Class, 2015

“It’s a fantastic place with people to match, looking forward to coming back”

Participant on Judith Schaechter Master Class, 2015

“I would like to say how much I appreciated everyone’s help, friendliness and technical knowledge, how impressed I am with the facilities. I feel very lucky to have secured a place on the course.”

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