North Lands Creative Board of Directors Opportunities!

Job Description

North Lands Creative is seeking new board members with skills and experience in the areas of arts development and business management to join its existing board team. You will be committed to the principles of good governance and will be enthusiastic about the key aims of the company. You will be able to commit to attending quarterly board meetings as well as
board training and development sessions. You will also be expected to attend events at North Lands Creative and to represent the company at external functions.

Examples of the skills areas or constituent group that the board may wish to see represented on the board include:
• Financial/ Accountancy
• Fundraising
• Marketing
• Business
• Venue/ studio management 

General Overview, Vision and Aims

Board Members will serve for a term of three years and be eligible to serve for an additional 3 years as determined by the Company’s Articles of Association.

The main object for the Company, as set out in the Memorandum of Association is as follows:

To advance and further the education of the general public in Caithness and in Scotland generally of the artistic value and merits of, the design of, the uses and applications of and the methods and techniques of producing glass in all its forms, including but not restricted to creative glass and to encourage the study and appreciation of creative glass and to encourage and foster research, collaboration and co-operation between those involved in the creative glass industry to enable the general public to attain an appreciation of the artistic merits and applications of glass in all its art forms including but not restricted to creative glass.

Our Mission

To nurture and support excellence and experimentation in the creative use of glass in all forms of art and design by artists, creative industries and our community, inspired by the wild and dramatic landscape of Caithness.

Our Vision

North Lands Creative will strengthen its international standing as one of Europe’s principal centres of excellence for nurturing the creative use of glass in all forms of art and design.

We want NLC to be an active creative hub that celebrates glass as a creative material and artform and that creates life-changing experiences that resonate for years to come. We encourage international glass artists to share their skills and knowledge and have first class facilities to make their work. We want artists who have not worked with glass to be excited by its qualities and potential. It is important for NLC to offer learning opportunities for our community, particularly young people, to discover their own creative talents through glassmaking. All of this, we want to do in the context of our place where the wild, dramatic landscape and heritage is a stimulus to creativity and an inspiration.

NLC has a unique character, rooted in its location and its people, which should be maintained whilst developing the features which attract audiences, from internationally acclaimed artists to local families. The capital developments completed in early 2014 and 2018 have increased and improved facilities for a broader audience, enabling better access for a wider
range of people. Through development of our programmes and dialogue with our audiences we will make the best use of all of our spaces and resources to achieve a balance between continued physical expansion and retaining the character of NLC. We will view access in its widest terms from local educational activity to extending our digital audiences.

How to apply

North Lands Creative board positions will be considered through an open application process. All interested applicants should provide a CV and the following information in a cover letter:

• Please detail the specific skills and experience you would bring to this post
• Indicate why you are interested in joining the board of North Lands Creative
• Information on any other board memberships, directorships or interests

The above information should be emailed to Karen Phillips, Director at will be short listed by the current board members and invited to meet with members of the board and the Director to discuss board membership. The successful candidates will then be invited to join the board and will take up their position at the next full board meeting.

For more information, please download the NLC Board Application Pack.

Legal Status

North Lands Creative was incorporated on 4 July 1995 and is a company limited by guarantee, not having a share capital and is a registered charity no SCO23805. The liability of the members of the company is limited to £5 in the event of the company being wound up. The company is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association. Registration no 159007.

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