‘Cut Bottle’ – Kristel Britcher

Blown, cold worked, firepolished, sandblasted
Reserve Price £350

Cut Bottle – Kristel Britcher

Kristel’s work has an interest in the elements that create the spaces we live in; the physicality of landscape and the ephemeral qualities of weather and the seasons. Through her work, she seeks to develop a greater understanding of the world we inhabit and through this exploration, generates a greater awareness of where we belong.

Artist Bio

Kristel Britcher is an Adelaide-based artist and designer at the Jam Factory in South Australia. She graduated with a first class honours from the South Australian School of Art in 2007. Since graduation she has exhibited throughout South Australia, including the Banamok Glass Prize, Object Gallery’s Annual Manual, and was selected to exhibit at Hatched National Graduate Exhibition at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. As an artist and designer working in glass, her practice involves both the production of functional and conceptual designs, and the development of contemporary sculptural artworks.

She produces glass products for wholesale, bespoke design-ware and exhibition pieces. Her art practice explores the notions of space, landscape and the natural order of things through sculptural applications of hot glass; while her design practice explores alternative processes to create innovative glass products.

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