‘Alastair Pilkington Studio’ – Granite Calimpong

Seattle, USA
Hand blown & engraved
Reserve Price £250

‘Alastair Pilkington Studio’ – Granite Calimpong

Granite’s piece was inspired by the optical properties of glass and the materials’ unique ability to capture light, hold it, bend and distort it, and cast it out again. He was influenced by the dramatic changes in the Caithness light over the day and drew inspiration for the engravings by sketching the village and surrounding landscape of Lybster. This piece features the iconic Alastair Pilkington Studio of North Lands Creative.

Artist Bio

The son of a potter in Northern California, Granite’s hands were covered in clay long before discovering glass. He graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts from the University of California, San Diego, where he was first introduced to glass. The draw to the material and process was immediate. Growing up in a household full of handmade objects fostered a lifelong connection to the subtleties of function and form through the scrutiny of everyday use. It continues to influence his practise as a glassmaker. His glass sculptures are minimalist and inventive, with strong features and playful shapes that are often reminiscent of ceramics. He also makes goblets and glasses, which are classical in inspiration, but modern too in there restraint.

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