FILM FESTIVAL | 07.01.23 - 28.01.23

Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival is dedicated to presenting a selection of new films pivoting around the  medium of glass. The festival showcases a cross section of international diverse and engaging series of short films 

curated and directed by female identified and non-binary filmmakers using glass as the predominant feature. 

GMTF is a microcosm to explore the human relationship with glass and film, exploring dynamics with the physical and environmental context, together with the human and social context.


The amalgamation of material and ephemeral, glass and video, are at the heart of the film festival. Exploring the stories of how art is made, how artists survive, how they think and work, and what makes creativity our most important skill.


Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival at North Lands Creative is supported by Creative Scotland and in collaboration with Shanghai Museum of Glass.

Our Film Festival has now finished for 2023

Day Twenty-TWO - 28.01.23 - Commission Work

Day Twenty-ONE - 27.01.23 - Commission Work

Day Twenty - 26.01.23 - Commission Work

Day NINETEEN - 25.01.23 - Commission Work

Day EIGHTEEN - 24.01.23 - Commission Work

Day SEVENTEEN - 23.01.23

Day sIXTEEN - 22.01.23

Day FIFTEEN - 21.01.23

Day FOURTEEN - 20.01.23

Day THIRTEEN- 19.01.23

Day TWELVE- 18.01.23

Day ELEVEN- 17.01.23

Day TEN - 16.01.23

Day Nine - 15.01.23

Day Eight - 14.01.23

Day SEVEN - 13.01.23

Day SIX - 12.01.23

Day FIVE - 11.01.23

Day FOUR - 10.01.23

Day three - 09.01.23

Day two - 08.01.23

Day one - 07.01.23

gmtf 2023 film festival line up

Adele Fournet & Kazue Taguchi | Catriona Archibald | Jessalyn Mailoa | Kaitlin Santoro | Kayla Cantu | Lise Eggers | Madeline Rile Smith | Meadhbh McIlgorm & Jenny Keogh & Glass Society of Ireland | Rachael Harris | Alina Orlov | Beiwen Zhuang | Cassandra Jasulevicz | Chenyue Yang | Dafna Kaffeman | Erin Hoffman | Eve Boontje | Fionn Duffy | Hannah Gibson | Helen Lee | Inguna Audere | Ivana Rashlich | Jeanne-Sophie Aas | Jiemin Park | Julia Keenan | Lauren Aria | Louise Lang | Mad Conway | Maria Pechstein | Rinoi Imada & Milsbridgewater & Michaela Tkadleček | Simone Fezer | Sukhy Parhar | Vanessa Hafenbraedl | Vendulka Prchalová | Ying Chiun | Zou Desbiens 

festival responsive commissions

North Lands Creative announce to the commission of five new art works, exploring new ways of engaging with the
materiality of glass in the digital era as part of Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival 2023.


The five artists awarded are:

Chengyu Li 
Estabrak / إستبرق 
Rachael Harris
Riikka Haapasaari
Ying Chiun


The commissions are part of the creation of new festival responsive works and associated programming. Unique in approach, each project has been selected for their resonation with core human emotions and their intangible relationship with material and expression.

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