Glass Nexus Forum 2019

North Lands Creative Forum began in 1995 where our co-founder and artistic director Dan Klein wanted to create an intimate gathering for the glass community to come together and showcase the work of emerging and innovative practice in the field of glass.

Over the years, the Forum has evolved into a discussion and platform event attended by artists, curators and creative professionals form all over the world. The event has grown into one of the essential gatherings for the glass community and has been listed as one of the most important social events in the glass calendar year.

Reflective Conversations

10-11 August 2019

Price: £99/Professional Members £79

Heartened by the great energy summoned at the 2018 Glass Nexus Forum, North Lands Creative will continue our investigation into how to strengthen links internationally in the glass community. We hope this monster meeting of creative forces and minds will spark ideas, animate discussions and ignite partnerships.

Keynote: Building a stronger glass community 

Exploring how the glass sector negotiates a rapidly changing economic, social and political environment. How do we sustain the sector when we are constantly responding to change in culture and tastes, how do we work together to protect the independence, originality and livelihoods while also recognising artists are changing how they work?

Session 2 Pedagogical Shifts in Glass – Where is our sector in ten or twenty years? 

Are we future-proofing through entry-level opportunities, training and internships? What are the obligations the education sector has to our community’s future? In this session the panellists will explore how to safeguard the already loss of focus on the practical skills of making within higher education. How can we provide students with reflective practice and creative development – be it a shift from making to learning about alternatives, or a shift from making from scratch to appropriation.

Session 3: Reimagining the Future – Should we be doing things differently?

Many glass studios and organisations appear to be running along similar tracks, how do we best focus on developing spaces that foster the creation and nurturing of new work whilst addressing environmental issues? Climate change is a topic we lone to avoid. This session will introduce change agents to arm us with the mind-set and actions essential for the environmentally sustainable studio in the future.

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