Emma Baker


Emma Baker is a glass artist living and working in the UK. In 2019 she became one of two Associate Artists at North Lands Creative, a two-year programme supporting & developing the practice of glass artists. Her work is held in public & private collections and has been shown across the UK & Ireland. Most recently, she has received scholarship funding to the USA and worked on international projects supported by British Council Scotland and Creative Europe. Specialising as a glassmaker, her love of the material and its processes combined with narrative and sentiment embodies her artistic practice.

Emma Baker has been working in glass for the past eight years. During this time she has worked at various glass studios in the UK and abroad. Specialising in hot glass, she has been involved with a multitude of projects with artists, designers & makers alike. Her work is held in private and public collections, shown most recently at the Ireland Glass Biennale and British Glass Biennale 2019. In January 2019 she became one of North Lands Creative’s first Associate Artists, a two-year programme.
Materiality and process run side by side with narrative and sentiment as the key themes within her practice. Alongside her captivation of the material and perseverance of technical mastery, she endeavours to use glass as a canvas to celebrate memories through the presentation or re-creation of important objects. Inspiration is drawn from profound personal occurrences; therefore her work is often initially ambiguous but aesthetically literal.

Recently she has been pursuing a path to encompass both her use of glass as a medium to immortalise memories of significant times and happenings along with her appreciation of the inherent behaviours and processes of the material.

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