Yoshiko Okada

Artist in Residence

My work at the moment addresses the cultural collage of my Japanese background and my English/European environment.  The themes that I follow in my own work, and how I wish to express myself through the medium of glass can be classified simplistically as follows: simplicity of form, controversy and the eliciting of emotion, the hidden or concealed concepts and meanings in shadows, reflections and simple objects, and the moment in time, its potential and its relationship to past/present/future.

I have always seen glass as an animate material.  I think the process of glass making is like a transition from life to death.  Once transformed into a form and cooled, the moment stops, colours change, it becomes inanimate and static, or perhaps goes to “sleep”, or even dies, waiting for the moment “to wake”.  The imagery within my pieces extends into the three-dimensional form and brings the pieces to life, almost like it has a soul in this “frozen moment”.

Currently my pieces address my own experiences and feelings, but also try to discuss other broader more universal topics such as sexuality, gender and race.

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