Tom Rowney



Venetian style glass blowing has always fascinated me the most. The combination of precision and accuracy used to create a precise piece of glass is something I aim for in my work. I enjoy handling the molten glass, the sense of flow and timing dictate my working style.

The Maelstrom series is based on the fluid nature of blowing molten glass, and the relationship to the visual “water like qualities” of the solid state of blown glass. Each form has it’s own memory of liquid water, a drip, a drop, a splash, and the elastic forms the water becomes when a droplet detaches from its source (i.e. oval, round, flat). Through the use of canes as graphic line work on the surface, I am continuing to reference the eddying and swirling effects of a moving body of water.

Tom currently resides in Canberra and is employed as the Technical Manager of the Canberra Glassworks. As one of Australia’s foremost glass blowers Tom continues to be sourced for teaching and glassblowing residencies by the leading glass studios and artists in Australia and overseas.



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