Tina Lindstrom

Artist in Residence

I use many different materials and work in various formats with everything from small sculptural objects and performance in fire sculpture to installations for architecture and public spaces. Materials that I often return to are sand cast glass and tufted textiles.  Sometimes I incorporate light in the artwork.  The heavy textures and relief in the work make it tactile and inviting to both touch and look at.  My sources of inspiration are often nature and the ocean. I am into recycling and use things that other people reject and regard as without value. Using collage and assemblage I reflect on humans, our relation to places that are abandoned or forgotten, and try to give those places a new meaning or function. The expression is free, full of associations and surprises.  Since 2003 I have my studio AteljéAgnes situated on the island Hisingen, Gothenburg. Several times I have worked as an artist in residence in Asia, Australia, United States and Europe.


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