Sean O’Neill

Artist in Residence

Inspired by the passage of time and the resulting patterns that are left behind, Sean O’Neill’s work seeks to reveal the beautiful evidence of natural phenomena.

Using, the shallow rondel form as a “canvas”, O’Neill carves directly into the surface of the glass with stone and diamond wheels, imitating the patterns that occur within nature. Whether referencing the erosion of the earth or the momentary transit of two celestial bodies, O’Neill pays homage to the natural beauty surrounding us.

Although O’Neill’s work is inspired by the randomness and chaos of nature, his designs are unquestionably deliberate. The strong graphic qualities of his carvings are balanced by soft subdued colours, and the graceful curve of the vessels onto which he carves. The sculptural forms of his pieces are as important as the patterns incised on them. “A subtle curve, has the potential to contain and create depth,” notes O’Neill.



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