Rudi Gritsch


Rudi Gritsch was born in the Vienna area in 1959. He studied glass painting and glass restoration and finished his Masters Degree at the Glasfachschule Kramsach/Tirol in 1982.

Since 1986 he is a faculty of the HTL/Kolleg for Glassdesign and is the Head of the Kilnforming and Hotglass department of the school. As a “pioneer of kilnformed glass” he founded the first fusing department at a European school.

In 1990 he started his own atelier and kilnforming studio in Austria where he is creating art in glass.  He is designing glass objects and executing glass in architecture.

Major projects in this field include creating designs for banks and hotels, glass altars and furniture for the Abbey of Stams/Tyrol, the Hospital Church in Kufstein/Tirol, the Krypta of the Dome of Salzburg and the Austrian Millennium Church in Stattersdorf/St. Pölten.

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