Richard Meitner


Richard Meitner is an independent artist with a studio in Amsterdam where he has lived since 1972. He has been working with glass for more than 30 years, and has attained world reknown for his work. He was in charge, together with Mieke Groot, of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy glass department from 1981 until 2000. Meitner, both through his own works and his activities in education, has had a profoundly positive and highly visible impact on art in glass internationally.  His works have been shown internationally and have been included in almost every major international museum exhibition of art in glass for the last 25 years. In spite of his considerable reknown Meitner’s  work has never been mainstream. His place is always on the outer edge of what is happening, searching, challenging, discovering, taking risks, as if he were a child at play. It is this desire to discover and speak as a child does, to learn and rejoice in that learning, but also the willingness to be caught off guard, and amazed or puzzled by experience, which has always been at the heart of his activities in Art and in Education. It is this fact, perhaps more than any other discernible theme, which may serve us best to understand and follow his works and artistic development.Meitner would likely say, that indeed, LIFE is like this, often puzzling and ambiguous, but very, very interesting.



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