Ray Flavell

Technical Director

Ray, who trained at Wolverhampton College of Art, has been head of glass and architectural glass at Edinburgh College of Art since 1990.

Explaining his work he says “I have been working with glass and teaching since 1968 from the pioneering development of the studio glass movement.  The great diversity now to be seen in what has become the genre of ‘glass art’ is truly phenomenal.  My own language in this diverse world remains with blowing and cutting – hot and cold glass.  Glass is simply stuff to make things with – this could be useful products, the skin of a building or “art”.  I work with traditional techniques and hope to express my own view of the world grounded in these.  I use craft to make art, so glass becomes a medium of artistic expression.

“Currently I am looking at conventional glass artefacts like bowls, phials in combination with flat glass planes.  These compositions explore the delicacy and precarious fragility of glass and at the same time are enigmatic.  This is new work which is not bound up in complicated technique but I hope celebrates some of the finite characteristics of glass and glass-making.”

Ray has exhibited nationally and internationally and his work is held in national collections in Canada, Tokyo, Czechoslavakia, Germany and across the UK.



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