Noah Hagiladi

Artist in Residence

I was raised up in a village surrounded by fields (a scenery which is slowly but steadily disappearing.) After several years of traveling around the world I started my art studies, focusing on ceramics. After traveling for several years I had this feeling that there is only one thing I must do right now and it’s a hammock out of glass. Thanks to that hammock I got captured by the glass and moved to fully working with this material. My final project was in memory of my father that passed away a year ego,after fightning cancer for ten years.My father was a very special person who believed in values of days past, which passed with the days.At the end of the day when he came home he got on his old Massey Ferguson and went to his “baby” – our Mango plantation, cultivated it and brought fruit out of the land.  Working on the glass tractor helped me to cope with the pain and loss.

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