Naoko Sato

Artist in Residence

Transitions’ is a body of work by British-based glass artist Naoko Sato. Her work explores the kind of movement that is normally associated with textiles such as ripples, sways and folds. Naoko abstracts these movements and uses them as inspiration for her striking glass sculptures. It is not merely this interest in fabric that has fuelled her art, but how fabric responds to an underlying structure or frame. “I have always been interested in the way clothes find their shape on the human body. I love watching a woman with a pleated skirt walking by, creating a wonderful movement”, says Naoko. She is also interested in dance, and this is revealed strongly to the elegance of her glass. Naoko’s method is very unusual and involves several kiln-firing stages. After the initial ‘lost wax’ casting in the kiln, considerable cold processing is undertaken, including polishing. The piece is then fired for a second time during which it is stretched in the kiln to create its unique form. Sometimes a third firing is necessary. Not only is this a risky making process due to the increased chances of fracturing each time the piece is heated, but it is also a method that takes a long time. Each piece might spend as long as three weeks in the kiln. Naoko was born and educated in Nagano, Japan, but her artistic development has taken place primarily in England. She completed a foundation course at the Central St Martin’s School of Art, London, in 1993, before choosing to specialise in glass. After taking a degree in glass design at Middlesex University, she then gained her MA from the Royal College of Art, London, in 1999. Naoko’s work has been widely exhibited in top galleries both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Her work has been acquired by some of the world’s most respected collections; the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the British Crafts Council, and the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK.



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