Nadege Desgenetez

Artist in Residence

Born in France, Nadège graduated from CERFAV (Vannes-Le-Chatel), in 1995. After working in studios around Europe, and traveling the US as a teaching assistant to Lino Tagliapietra, she moved to Seattle in 98. There she worked as a hot shop team member for artists such as Dale Chihuly, Benjamin Moore, Dante Marioni, Dan Dailey, Preston Singletary, and others.
Although grounded in functional design, her work has evolved to explore more personal themes through series of unique sculptural pieces. She has had solo exhibitions in Seattle and Pittsburgh, and her work is now in the permanent collection of the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh.

Over the years, Nadège has been the recipient of several prizes and awards, including the “prix d’honneur de la Fondation de France”, the Cheryl Yokohama Scholarship from Pratt (Seattle) and the “Prix de la Vocation” from the Fondation Marcel Bleustein Blanchet. She received the Saxe Award from Pilchuck glass school twice.

In 2003, she was an artist in residence at Northlands Creative Glass in Scotland, in 2004 at Pittsburgh Glass Center and in 2006 at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.

Since 2002, when she was invited to teach in Kanazu, Japan, she has led numerous workshops in Europe and the US, including at Pilchuck in 2006. She now lives and makes her work in Australia, as she has been teaching at the glass workshop of the Australian National University in Canberra since June 2005.


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