Matt Durran

Artist in Residence

Matt makes installations and sculptures. His sculptures often refer to houses, hives, bell jars and containment. His piece “Swarm”, shown at Gloucester Road Underground Station, consisting of a glowing hive, with rings suspended above. The combination of forms seem to suggest a harmony reminiscent of the dance of the bees. His installations often incorporate photo-grams. These are large scale photographs of glass objects, reminiscent of x rays, in fact Matthew claims that the inspiration for this imagery occurred whilst traveling. His bag full of glass was x rayed at an airport outlining objects within. His piece “Symbiosis” combines sculptural glass pieces alongside rayo-grams of glass structures. The glass pieces change appearance according to the time of day and the movement of light. The appearance of the rayo-grams alludes to the transparency of glass.

In the Jerwood Applied Arts Prize 2003, Matthew reproduced the glass artist studio as an installation, using over two thousand pieces and consisting of every technique and type of glass, including glass that he has made in many countries.

Matthew is a London based artist who works in internationally.


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