Marzena Krzeminska-Baluch


Marzena was born in Wroclaw in 1980. In 2006 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw under the guidance of professor Margaret Dajewskiej. After graduating in 2006, she was employed at the Villa Glass Studio in Krosno, and since 2007 worked as an assistant in Dyplomującej Studio Glass Art. In 2006 and 2009, she was awarded a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. In 2011 she received the Artistic Scholarship of the Marshal of Lower Silesia. In 2011, she was selected as the “Emerging Artist In Residence” by the Pilchuck Glass School in the USA. In 2012, she was a finalist of “Emerge 2012” in Bullseye Gallery, USA, and selected as a TA (Teaching Assistant) by the Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA, USA. In 2013, she received a scholarship in art from the Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA, USA.

Marzena creates glass objects, treating glass as a material for displaying graphics.  Since 2009, she has organized exhibitions for students and graduates of the Department of the Glass Academy of Fine Arts Festival “Wrocław Underwater”. Since 2008, she has participated in numerous open air and symposiums in Poland and abroad.


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