Maria Bang Espersen


Maria Bang Espersen holds a BA from the Royal Danish Academy, Bornholm, Denmark. Prior she completed a three-year technical glass blowing education from Kosta School of Glass in Sweden. She holds numerous awards including the International Glass Prize, 2012 and the Jury’s Special Award at the Coburg Prize 2014. She has attended residency programs in places such as the Corning Museum of Glass and Wheaton Arts in the USA, S12 Gallery in Norway, and Glazen Huis in Belgium.

Espersen works within video, installation, performance and sculpture. Her approach to glass is experimental and playful, as she invents her own techniques rather than follow traditions. This far we have seen her explode a hot glass bubble to create fine threads, produce organic shapes in hot glass using only the breath of an apple, and apply taffy making techniques to create a series of sculptures that appear soft when indeed hard.


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