Louise Tait

Artist in Residence

As an artist, glass is my medium. I am bewitched by its maverick qualities, its solidity, its fluidity, its toughness and its fragility. I love the way it can transmit light, transform it, make it its own – or it can block it completely, absorbing it, deadening it, stopping it in its tracks.

In my work, I look for contrasts – the known with the unknown, the light with the shade, the rough with the smooth. I am drawn to things that surround us, things that we ignore or take for granted. By focusing on them in glass I aim to enchant you with their essence, to rekindle your interest, to make you look deeper.

Over the years, I have studied with, and been inspired by, some of the world’s glass masters – Vaclav Cigler from the Czech Republic, Tessa Clegg, Alison Kinnaird and Jane Bruce from the UK, Warren Langley & Jess Loughlin from Australia and Silvia Levenson from Argentina.

I am a 2008 finalist in the Bullseye E-merge competition for emerging glass artists in Portland, Oregon, USA and am a board member of Northlands Creative Glass in Caithness, Scotland. My work is kiln-cast – architectural or sculptural.


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