Louise Olsson

Artist in Residence

Louise Olsson was born and raised in Grums and started her glass studies in 1995 at the Glass School in Orrefors. Interest in glass and the outside of Sweden’s borders led to the fact that she has worked and studied abroad in England, Turkey, Norway and Scotland for the past 10 years. Louise holds a degree as an artisan / designer from the Glass and Ceramics School in Bornholm, Denmark. For two years, she lived and worked in Whidbey Island, the United States, where close-up and contact with glass artists, Pilchuck Glass School and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts played an important role. Louise has been awarded a number of national and international scholarships, the latest of which is Northlands Creative Glass HOT Residency in Lybster, Scotland.

Throughout these influences, the proverb language has evolved from strict, functional aesthetics into a more free, object-oriented expression. The well-made, simple yet playful in combination with the contrasts between the transparent, clear and the opaque, colorful glass characterizes her design.

In 2006, Louise Värmlands Museum Association received an Artificial Arts Foundation with the motivation for her well-done and beautiful works in which she uses the glass as a material and gives the traditional forms a unique expression.

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