Lisa Cahill

Artist in Residence

“Lisa Cahill, treats the surface of glass as a canvas on which to ‘paint’ and etch abstract landscapes.  The line between the built and natural environment is constantly suspended by the slightness of the figuration; as urban leitmotifs evaporate into ghostly vistas,” writes Blanche Craig in Contemporary Glass (pg 7 and 96-99, Black Dog Publishing, London UK 2008).

Working on a variety of scales and by breaking the works into a series of panels allows Cahill to make work for both internal and external domestic settings as well as large public artworks.  In her exhibition work Cahill’s uses a variety of techniques including etching, engraving, lathe working and carving through both opaque and transparent layers of glass. She is able to manipulate and control light revealing an intensity of colour and evoking notions of an ephemeral landscape.

For a recent Public Art Commission on which Cahill is currently working she has designed a work that is made of over 1260 A5 size components that form a 43 sq metre artwork. This work is due for completion in October 2009 and will be located on a 3 story void in the foyer of a Building in the Sydney CBD.



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