Kathyrn Roberts

Artist in Residence

My current collection of production glassware is the epitome of a fresh and innovative approach to the design and production of beautiful hand crafted glass.  Objects are enjoyed for their stylish, timeless aesthetic as well as their functionality as vessels that enhance any interior.  By using the natural qualities of glass – its fluidity and ability to capture a frozen moment in time – my sculptural pieces are subtly formed and then enhanced when necessary with surface decoration, texture and polishing.

With years of experience as a glass blower and cutter for the best contemporary British glassmakers I have applied my high level of training in design and traditional English glass making techniques to numerous creative aspects of glassmaking.  I work to commission for corporate and private clients, producing one-off pieces and installations as well as collaborating with artists, architects, designers and large companies on the prototyping and production of special projects.


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