Karin Hassle


Karin Hassle was born in Stockholm in 1960 and works with art glass. She finds her inspiration in nature surrounding her; in close proximity to plants, animals and other creatures. Each item she creates carries on her own message, which is sometimes written down and presented together with the glass object. Karin’s exhibitions can therefore contain both glass items and poetical texts.

During the childhood and youth years, Karin always wanted to be “something with art in some form”, but only the teachers in school gave her support in that ambition. So, Karin did what was expected of her, gained a normal job and began to live a different life than she really intended.

The years passed, and she was ultimately the originator and layouter of the Åkema advertising agency in Stockholm. Karin stayed for six years and this was where she laid the basics of her feel for color, shape and simple design.

But Karin felt she wanted to approach art.

To make a much longer life story a bit short, yet tell Karin to form a family with a man and two children, moving from Stockholm to the country outside Katrineholm and building his own glass tea, one can say that life long led Karin in the direction of training his artistic and his great interest. She therefore started with 1 year textile education, continued with 1 year of ceramics and eventually landed in the glass as the form of expression. By now, Karin had completed 40 years.

Just like her model Astrid Lindgren, Karin was far too “old” when she started her career as she really wanted to be. She also had no proper education at any of the major institutions. Nevertheless, it has been very good for her and today she runs her own studio and also has a series of good reviews and a lot of attention behind her.

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