Jamie Gray

Studio Assistant

Having grown up on a prairie farm, large parts of my childhood were spent examining the intricacies and complexities of nature in every form. I was impacted not only by the splendor of what I saw but also the meaningful social interactions that necessarily and accidentally occurred.  Communities – human and otherwise – lived in states of flux; expanding, contracting, evolving, devolving.  I watched, learned and discovered new ways of seeing, which life lessons now show up in my art.  Long now a city-dweller, I make work that is based on reinvention of those prairie-born remembrances.  I’m also finding myself increasingly interested in the idea of redemption – that concept that something discarded and unloved can be remade and elevated into something greater than it ever could have been, even in the state it inhabited before it was eventually used up and discarded.  In good Canadian fashion, these concepts are often delivered with a dry-humoured cheekiness, which can serve to bring out remembrances in viewers who share similar experiences.  Humour is one of my tools.  The medium of glass is often the vehicle.  I make work that reminds me that since we are inhabitants of earth, nothing on earth can be alien to us.


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