Elizabeth Perkins

Artist in Residence

Recently, I have been thinking of myself not only as a maker but also as an archivist and narrator.  While I reference many hand-crafted objects and heirlooms in my work I typically archive them in glass.  My investigations frequently include the interpretations of fiber and textile-based objects.  The glass objects I make and the environments that I often surround them in serve as activators and preservations that speak about identity, history, memory and tradition.  I am interested in values and traditions; how they evolve and linger.  I strive to create works of art that act as a resuscitator between old and new, while sometimes challenging and “marrying” the processes of manipulating glass.  My characterizations, plots, and settings emerge from family traditions, dead relatives, living things, heirlooms, recipes, relationships, visits and by frequent wandering, collecting and recording.


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