Eeva Kasper


Eeva Käsper’s creative method is phenomenological – she bases it on personal experience, memories, perceptions, intermediate states of conscience. At times she approaches glass as a filigrane master, creating objects that are very precise in form; at other times she lets glass flow freely, stopping the process abruptly – works thus born have enthralling connections with natural forms.Eeva Käsper uses different warm glass techniques, she has made mosaic glass and used also hot and cold techniques.  Eeva Käsper has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts glass department in 1998 and after defending her MA thesis she works at the same department as an Associate Professor. In 2006 she practised as a visiting teacher at the department of glass of the Anatolian University of Turkey. She is one of the founders of the Glass Club studio (2009). Eeva has participated in exhibitions, conferences, symposia in many European countries, also in Russia, Turkey, and Korea. Her works have been acknowledged in many international contests of glass art and bought by several institutions and private collections.


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