Dante Marioni


Artist Dante Marioni’s vibrant, attenuated vessels stretch to unexpected proportions, crossing the line into the realm of sculpture. Although he describes his pieces as “Post-Modern sculptures that refer to vessels,” the Seattle-based artist simply sees himself as a “glassblower.” And his work, he asserts, “is, if anything, about glassblowing itself.” Drawing on ancient Greek and Etruscan pottery forms, Marioni’s vessels are classical with a twist. His elegant, yet whimsical glass creations engage the surrounding space, much like the sculpture of Surrealist Alberto Giacometti, a Swiss sculptor and painter. Well acknowledging these influences, Marioni prefers to place more emphasis on the 20th-century Venetian roots of his pieces.

(From Florida Design, Vol.10 No.3 (Aug 2000), pp.82-86, ill)



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