Bibi Smit

Artist in Residence

Bibi Smit has been working for more than 20 years with glass. Her passion for glass blowing has let her see a lot of different places in the world. She studied at the art academy in Farnham, England, where she finished in 1988. In Scotland she established her own glass studio where she worked and lived for 10 years. In 1997 she moved back to her native country, The Netherlands, and is now living and working in Amsterdam. In the last 15 years she has often taken part in international exhibitions. She was invited to be artist-in-residence at North Lands Creative Glass, Scotland, and to take part in various glass symposia (Lednicke Rovnejn, Slovakia and Lauscha, Germany). She was a trained by established glass artists and teaches at several art academies in Europe. Since 1998 she has offered glass blowing workshops at Van Tetterode in Amsterdam.

Bibi Smit is one of only a few glass artists in the Netherlands who not only designs her objects but also does the glassblowing and carving. Her continually developing relationship with glass is very important to her. Often her ideas come while she is working with glass. The technique she uses is mainly glassblowing, which is very physical, full of adrenalin, and urgent spontaneity. She is fascinated by external phenomenons of glass: movement, light, vulnerability and power.



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