Alberto Lago

Artist Bio

Alberto Lago is a Designer/Social Artist from Venice (Italy). His educational background range from architecture, engineering, carpentry and design. He has lived and worked in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Stuttgart, Milan and Venice. Alberto has exhibited his works worldwide and won numerous international awards. He has also published in various design/graphic magazines and scientific journals.

Alberto creative process is based on traditional craftsmanship in relation with natural materials (ceramic, fabric, glass, marble, metal, and wood). The starting point is having a direct interaction with skilled artisans to understand their techniques, passions and dreams. These knowledges are used in symbiosis with digital technology to inform the design process in a unique manner. The result is a learning experience both for the artisan and the designer leading to a new paradigm in the traditional craftsmanship culture.

These are the bases for Alberto’s approach as shown in his last research project conducted for “Glass Matters – Innovation Through Technology”: a workshop for educating Murano Glass Masters to digital technologies. The outcome was “Maga – Dynamic Glass Wall”, in collaboration with “Vetrate Artistiche Murano” (Glass Master Stefano Bullo) and co-designer Matteo Silverio, that was exposed during the 2017 | Venice Glass Week. “Maga” is the evolution of the traditional stained glass window in which the rigidity of the stained glass binding is overcome with the utilization of dynamic and flexible binding through 3d printing technology.

It is from this collaborative approach that Alberto co-founded (together with Stefano and Matteo) the artist collective MAP, with the scope to continue experimenting new solutions for the traditional Murano glass industry. The basis is to experiment with glass to remap the geographical and cultural borders of glass artistic traditions.

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