05.06.23 - 09.06.23

Paper-thin pâte de verre – Saman Kalantari

Pâte de verre | Intermediate Level


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There are different ways to make pate de verre objects and depending on the work you want to make and the size of it usually takes a lot of time. This is a new approach to produce pieces with thin walls in a very simple way and in a short time by producing handmade glass-paper and using sand as a moulding material.



Saman Kalantari

Saman Kalantari is an Iranian artist specialising in ceramics since 1992, glass since 2005 and based in Bolzano Italy since 2004. His innovative work progressing the techniques of pate de verre into a contemporary realm awarded him the Glass Art Society 2015 Technology Advancing Grant (TAG) in the USA for his innovative Flexible Glass Sheet. Recipient of other numerous prestigious awards such as the 2008 Bullseye Emerge Newcomer award and gold award Emerge 2018, Portland, Oregon, USA; 2018 Warm Glass Prize, UK England; the Creative Glass Centre of America Fellowship, Wheaton Arts, as well as finalist in many other competitions such Glass Kanazawa, Japan; Bullseye Glass Emerge, Portland, and the Jutta Cunty-Franz Memorial Award. Kalantari has exhibited widely in the USA, Italy, Japan, and the Netherlands, Norway, Lithuania, Denmark and also taught various international masterclasses.