13.03.23 - 17.03.23

Essential – Richard Wheater



*Regrettably and due to extenuating circumstances we have had to cancel this class*

Using neon light in nature – powered by nature.



Artist Richard Wheater will team up with Neon Workshops and a green energy company, to explore our relationship with the natural environment through neon.



Neon, a gas in the air we breathe, waiting to be harnessed into a vacuumed glass tube and excited by electricity. The ultimate renewable light. As well as learning the basics of neon making, an emphasis will be placed on experimenting with the self- sustaining methods available of lighting up participants’ works in the natural environment.

Richard Wheater

‘…Wheater is an artist who declines to close down his ideas – or the work – before it happens. Instead, he prefers open experimentation, defined by artist, writer and curator Sophie Hope not as the production of something new, but as a feedback loop between critical thinking and critical approach. He is comfortable operating on the fringes

to make the overlooked visible.’

Moira Innes, Curator, 2013