Meet the Maker : Moonju Suh


‘My background is in graphic Visual Communication Design, with a particular focus on drawing
characters. I have taken an interdisciplinary approach to develop my artistic work by combining
two different disciplines of Graphic Illustration and Glass. My work and research interests are
drawn from contrasting emotional states and how they can be expressed in glass, a unique
artistic medium. I have also explored playfulness within my creative practice by taking a kitschy
approach in developing my glass artworks. I am inspired by Kidult toy culture and adultescent
behaviour which I use to inform my work. I hope my artwork gives the viewer a feeling of joy and


A North Lands Creative Production made possible with support from Creative Europe & Creative Scotland In Partnership with – ISGNE, Glass Point, NCAD, Berlin Glas Ev. 

Film: Ewan Stewart – Filmmaker


Moonju Suh

I am a South Korean illustrator and glass artist based in Edinburgh. My background is in graphic Visual Image Design in Graphic Illustration. In 2021, I was awarded an MFA Glass from Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh. I express both playfulness as well as other contrasting emotional states through my glass work, by using a kitschy aesthetic,
which is inspired by the sub-culture (Kidult culture) of adults playing with and collecting toys. I am currently studying towards my PhD at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) and my research is led through a practice-based studio approach, viewed through the lens of contemporary craft and my emerging practice in the medium of art glass.

glass lives 2022

Glass Lives explores the human relationship with glass making and material. Uncovering some of the exceptional European master artisans using long-held traditions, skills and knowledge.


Glass Lives celebrates the visionary embodiment of both creativity and craftsmanship by European master artisans at the highest level of excellence. Supported by the EU Creative Europe Programme, collaboration lies at the heart of what the ISGNE network represents, encouraging exchange and fostering a sense of building a stronger glass community.