MEET THE MAKER : Choi Keeryong


My intention of making a glass artwork is to frame an artistic approach to the subject of cultural expectations in contemporary glass art, and is inspired by my personal experience of being in a state of in-between-ness, in terms of my current cultural location, given that I have lived and been working in Edinburgh for approximately fifteen years but was born, brought up and lived in South Korea for thirty years. I viewed my artwork does not easily fit into either South Korean or British visual culture. It is rather a pseudo Korean-British or British-Korean image that is viewed as by- product of a mix of both cultures.

I have often reflected on my need to understand how I think, behave, and feel in relation to South Korean and British cultures since I moved to Edinburgh, UK. My repetitive daily activities, that consist of crossing cultural boundaries from when at home to engaging with life outside it, has created conflict and contradictions between these two different cultures.


A North Lands Creative Production made possible with support from Creative Europe & Creative Scotland In Partnership with – ISGNE, Glass Point, NCAD, Berlin Glas Ev. 

Image: Daam Dah (plate) 1 (2021) kiln-formed glass and 23.5ct gold inlaid, set of 6 pieces.

Film: Ewan Stewart – Filmmaker

Choi Keeryong

Choi completed his practice lead PhD research in Dec 2015 at the University of Edinburgh. His extensive experience of living and working in both Britain and South Korea has given him broader cultural outlook he sought when moving away from home. It has enabled him to position himself in what he calls ‘in-between’ and to examine both cultures with ‘fresh eyes’Choi’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally including SOFA ChicagoUSA, International Glass Prize 2015, Belgium, and Collect London, UK.

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