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Tali Grinshpan

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in conversation with Tali Grinshpan

What does it mean to you to join the North Lands Creative network and be part of building a community for glass?


Glass artists form a community. And, North Lands Creative network connects me to an international community that shares my interests and love of the material. It is wonderful to be part of the North Lands’ network especially during these covid years.


Tell us about your work. What influences translate into your art practice?


The endless cycle of nature that surrounds me inspires my work. As an immigrant, I search for a connection, a resolution, between the present, my childhood memories and the longing for my homeland. I strive to create intimate spaces that speak of our emotional existence and the ephemeral journey of life. I hope to tell a story of fragility and strength, vulnerability and resilience.


Has this changed the way you approach your work?


No. This is what pushed me to start making my work and still does.


What initially captured your imagination about glass?


The intriguing combination of its vibrant colors and the play between transparency and light.


What’s the significance of the handmade to you?


 As an artist, I can’t imagine the work not being handmade: I put all my intentions into the work to create meaning.


What was your route to becoming an artist?


I’ve always loved working with my hands, even as a child, I took art classes. 


The first time I worked with glass was in 2011 at a fusing class at the local community art center. Very quickly I became obsessed by this medium and its possibilities, taking classes at major glass schools. Eventually, I felt compelled to make my own original work.


What is your chosen medium and what are your techniques?


I work mainly with glass powders and frits using pate de verre technique. I also like to combine other materials, such as metal, yarn and leather, with glass.


How would you describe your work and where do you think it fits within the sphere of contemporary glass?


Using non-traditional methods, my work is an expression, a culmination, of my dreams and emotions put into material form.


Tell us a bit about your process and what environment you like to work in?


I start by sketching, writing and making models using various materials like clay, paper, fabric and wax. Assembling and rearranging these models informs my glass work.

I work in my studio in my garage at home…an easy commute.


Who do you look up to when it comes to aesthetics?


Wherever I look I find aesthetics that compel me. Many times I find it in nature but it can be human made too.


What currently inspires you and which other artists do you admire and why?


Nature, dreams and memories inspire me.

Judy Tuwaletstiwa’s work is a big influence and inspiration. Her quiet yet powerful work moves me deeply.

I admire and find inspiration from the works of Andy Goldsworthy, Gustav Klimt, Barnett Newman, Mona Hatoum and many more. I love their powerful minimalism on one hand and the rich and detailed work on the other.


How are you experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic in your country? To what extent has your everyday life as an artist changed in lockdown?


The past two years have been challenging. Being isolated from everything and everyone has been hard. Not being able to travel and visit galleries and museums, I felt like I had to put a lot on hold. I became more aware of the uncertainty of life. This will find its expression in my work.

Tali Grinshpan

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel.  In 2004 she moved to the USA and

currently lives in Northern California.

Her work was selected as a finalist at The International Exhibition of Glass

Kanazawa Japan in 2016.

She won first prize in The Glass Prize 2017 International Competition, UK.

The Corning Museum of Glass’ New Glass Review 39 selected her work.

Her work is included in numerous private collections and has been exhibited

in galleries and museums around the world.