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Aleksandra Szafiejew
Glass Artist

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Aleksandra Szafiejew, born in Poland in 1971, lives in Berlin since 2002. Her work makes use of many means and forms of expression, but two particular elements can be identified: the dominance of glass as an artistic medium of expression and a strong attachment to nature as a source and reference. The search for inspiration in natural forms is an expression of her fascination with their aesthetics and the perfection of their structures, and at the same time a consideration of herself, or human beings in general, as an integral part of the natural order. Her work attempts to redirect the anthropocentric perspective on understanding the world to the belief that everything is interconnected and that humans, as natural beings, are part of something much larger, connected to all animals, plants and Mother Earth. For this, qualities such as harmony and sensuality, simplicity and spirituality, beauty and innocence are made visible. The immaterial quality and transcendence of glass helps to convey these metaphysical qualities in a wonderful way.

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