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Ina Kristine Hove

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in conversation with Ina Kristine Hove

What does it mean to you to join the North Lands Creative network and be part of building a community for glass?


To be part of the North Lands Creative network gives me inspiration and a broader view on glass as a material and artistic possibilities. To be connected to an internationally network is positive.


Tell us about your work. What influences translate into your art practice?


My work is based on human synergy and interaction. I am inspired by how we act and react when in contact with one another. In the glass objects I create, I want to specify and represent the layers, dimensions, and nuances in such interactions. I want the finished object to retain traces of the process the glass has been through.


What initially captured your imagination about glass?


It has to do with the challenge to form the material. And the possibilities the transparent glass gives.


What’s the significance of the handmade to you?


The handmade means a possibility for the craft to be visible in the product or object. It also means that the object can capture traces of a story or history and mediate experience.


What was your route to becoming an artist?


I have been interested in human conditions and how we cope with personal history and society. This is what I try to investigate in glass and earlier in theatre.


What is your chosen medium and what are your techniques?


My medium is glassblowing and then combining it with other materials such as scrap metal from constructions sites. For some years now I have worked with embroidery tread and different techniques as tatting and crochet.

5. Contraction

Tell us a bit about your process and what environment you like to work in?


I use a long time developing an idea and I usually try out different angels in the hot shop. Luckily, I have good glassblowing friends who assist me and give me input. I like the dynamics between working alone and working in a group.


Who do you look up to when it comes to aesthetics?


It is more single artworks that mange to move me. When the form, content and aesthetic successfully make a whole.


What currently inspires you and which other artists do you admire and why?


I still get inspired by talking to people and music. Artist I enjoy are Bill Viola, Sophie Calle, Inger Sitter and Zhu Xiao-Mei.


How are you experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic in your country? To what extent has your everyday life as an artist changed in lockdown?


Norway has had quite few deaths which is good, but it has been long lockdowns. I have had few opportunities to blow glass since I do not have a hot shop of my own and usually rent time in different places. Instead, I have worked at home focusing on needlework techniques and new ideas.

Ina Kristine Hove

After working with theatre for several years I started with glass. I learned to blow glass by working as an assistant in several hot shops in Norway. I have participated in several exhibitions both in Norway and abroad.