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Meng Du

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in conversation with Meng Du

What does it mean to you to join the North Lands Creative network and be part of building a community for glass? 


For many reasons, being a glass artist in China is similar to a traveler walking down a lonely journey. To be part of the North Lands Creative network and the international glass community, it feels like the dots which represented by each individual artist are connected and weaved into a net.


Tell us about your work. What influences translate into your art practice?


My works are always inspired by stories and memories. I believe it’s one of the most essential part that forms our world.


Has this changed the way you approach your work?


Yes, definitely. To show the subtlety and the fragility of the memories, I am very careful with the final approach of my works, the finishing texture / technique has to fit the content of the works.


What initially captured your imagination about glass?


Light and shadows.


What’s the significance of the handmade to you?


It carried people’s emotion and temperature.


What was your route to becoming an artist?


I was very lucky to have my first solo exhibition at FOU Gallery (NYC) right after I finished my study and working in school. I got lots of good feedback from the show, which made me felt more confident of carrying on as an artist.


Du_Meng_Reference Reflection

What is your chosen medium and what are your techniques?


Primarily cast and blown glass, also includes found objects and other mixed-medias.


How would you describe your work and where do you think it fits within the sphere of contemporary glass?


I am interested in preserving memories and keeping a record of them so they do not fade over time. I also wants to show memories in decay, as a way of memorializing them and showing the process of their slow disappearance from our consciousness.


Tell us a bit about your process and what environment you like to work in?


I love to work with parts! Not only glass ones, but wax and other inspiring objects. Usually I would lay everything down in my working space and start my puzzle from there.

Traveling also play an important role in my working process too!



Who do you look up to when it comes to aesthetics?


Mother Nature.


What currently inspires you and which other artists do you admire and why?


Ann Hamilton.

The way she identified herself as a reader of the space, the objects, the literature and poetry really inspires me and pushes me to learn more about the boundary between art and the world we are living in. 


How are you experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic in your country? To what extent has your everyday life as an artist changed in lockdown?


I was in Beijing, China during the pandemic lockdown from late January to around mid April of 2020. And the studio where I fire my works has been closed even longer. It definitely changed my view about life and pushed me to work at home without any glass equipment.

Meng Du

Graduated from the Graphic Design program of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (B.F.A.) in 2008 and the Department of Glass Program of Rochester Institute of Technology (M.F.A.) in 2013. Currently, she is living and working in Beijing.