Glass Meet The Future Film Festival 2021


With Sisters Jimena & Juli Bolaños-Durman


20 march 2021 - 04 april 2021

This creative activity invites us to connect to that constant curiosity questioning where things come from, what is our impact on this planet and how everything is connected. By fostering this childlike curiosity, we allow ourselves to regenerate from a sacred space of joy. 


Delve into a magical world of second chances, where waste material is the starting point and curiosity is the guide. We will create raw pieces that are put together intuitively through the joyfulness of play, exploring how discarded materials can be transformed and elevated. 


This visceral bond between the maker/material permeates the creative process, guiding it to become something raw and authentic. The mobile will honour the instinctual need to create something of beauty with our hands, how this act of making connects us to our humanity and the power of community to get through these uncertain times. 

let's have a go!

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STEP 1: Join Us for A Walk Outside

Take this time away from the computer to breathe fresh air, look around, use all our senses and see what we can find. Recharge from this scared space that nature provides.  

Ask your bubble to join you in the exploration.

Take a deep breath. And another…

What is the season telling you? What are the birds saying? In which direction is the wind blowing? What invites you to touch?

Observe the colours and patterns of everything around you…

STEP 2: Collect items you can use.

It can be anything, from fallen leaves or flowers to branches and dried plants from the garden.

Even finding beauty in the discarded.

STEP 3: Sketch if you feel like it

Sometimes we are just called to sketch what we see and it can be very satisfying. This way we can appreciate our surroundings from a different perspective.

STEP 4: Assemble some tools and odd bits

Scissors, cutters, egg cartons, loo rolls and plastic string…

Be resourceful! Any discarded waste can have a second chance and become something new

STEP 5: Play around with all the collected materials and see what you can make

Weave, tie knots, thread the different materials together…

In this safe space, anything is possible! Just go for it!

STEP 6: Display your work on a tree, a window or a public space

In our case, a mango tree did the trick.

Share your creations with us online by using #staycreativewithjuli #gmtf201 and or email us at we will share them in our online gallery!

#StayCreative with Juli

Award-winning artist and designer, Juli Bolaños-Durman, has created a series of illustrations & activities to encourage children and adults to stay creative! You can access all of these amazing activities by following this LINK 

Juli Bolaños-Durman

Emerging Costa Rican Artist & Designer based in Scotland with a background in Graphic Design, mixed-media and recent immersion into the glass material. This specific set of experiences give Juli a fresh and versatile vision when approaching research and the creative process by repurposing found objects and transforming them into precious artefacts that tell a story.
Winner of Jerwood Makers Open 2017, the ELLE DECORATION British Design Awards 2015- ECO DESIGN Category, Awarded Exceptional Talent (Promise) Visa endorsed by the Arts Council UK, Inches Carr Scottish Craft Award 2017, and her work is included in the collection of Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (MUDAC) Collection. Lausanne, CH., Chancellor’s Fellowship Award Commission & the Royal Edinburgh Hospital 2017, UK.

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