Glass Meet The Future Film Festival 2021

Simone Frezer, Germany


20 march 2021 - 04 april 2021


Assimilate! is a movie-performance, filmed at night within an 8-meter high, haphazardly constructed crystal-palace. A protagonist clothed in wearable structures of sheet glass and mirrors, almost indiscernible from the surrounding installation, is moving about it, – partially
assimilating to the point of near dissolution, then again breaking free, scaling, tearing, breaking, all in dancelike motions. The performance is adding its own sound-elements to the especially composed soundtrack by Ele Runge. Stage-lighting creates an almost abstract, black-and-white- atmosphere focusing on restriction, adaptation, reflection, perspectives, and the complex layering of reality as well as the, – possibly aggressive – aim at its deconstruction.


Concept and performance – Simone Frezer, Film and sound composition – Ele Runge, Lighting design – Georg Wedelstaedt

Supported and filmed at the Glass Museum Frauenau 2021.

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simone frezer

On extensive travels Simone Fezer worked as assistant to renowned artists and studied at various international Schools such as the Penland School of Crafts, and Centro Studio Vetro in Italy.
She had a residency at the Tacoma Museum of Glass in Washington, USA in 2016, and at Gallery S12 in Bergen, Norway in 2020. 2019 she was awarded the Irvin Borowsky International Award of the University of Arts, Philadelphia.
She has a Teaching Assignment for Sculptural Glass at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany, and exhibits her mostly large-scale installations in Glass and Mixed Media nationally and internationally.
In her work Simone Fezer addresses the fragility and interdependency of all life and aims to create interdisciplinary and immersive environments. She likes to work together with other artists, bringing together installation, performance and multi-media, creating stages for the viewer to enter and explore.