glass, meet the future 2021

NORTH LANDS CREATIVE | Toyama Institute of Glass Art | The museum of arts and design new york

Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival is dedicated to presenting a selection of new films pivoting around the medium of glass. The festival showcases a cross section of international diverse and engaging series of short films curated and directed by female identified and non-binary filmmakers using glass as the predominant feature. GMTF is a microcosm to explore the human relationship with glass and film, exploring dynamics with the physical and environmental context, together with the human and social context. The amalgamation of material and ephemeral, glass and video, are at the heart of the film festival. Exploring the stories of how art is made, how artists survive, how they think and work, and what makes creativity our most important skill.

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- 20.03.21 - 04.04.21 -

Glass, Meet the Future 2021 will launch on the 20.03.21 until the 04.04.21, with new content launching each day. This diverse and contemporary festival will screen 72 Films by 64 Artists from both the GMTF 2021 and GMTF 2020 schedules. The festival will première the six artist commission awards made in response to the GMTF Film Festival, exploring ways of engaging with the materiality of glass in the digital era, presented alongside a series of Podcasts with Glass Arts Society Director, Brandi Clark.


Explore the daily schedule using the links below: 

30.03.21 DAILY HIGHLIGHT day sixteen

FILM: The Tear in Ireland' Eye, Sinéad Brennan Ireland

GMFT 2021 : DAY sixteen 04.04.21

Alison Lowry & Jayne Cherry (UK)

GMFT 2021 : DAY thirteen 01.04.21

Griet Beyaert (UK)

GMFT 2021 : DAY twelve 31.03.21

GMFT 2021 : DAY ten 29.03.21

Madeline Rile Smith (US) 

GMFT 2021 : DAY Seven 26.03.21

Minako Shirakura (Japan),  Juli Bolaños-Durman (Costa Rica / Scotland), Anne Brodie (UK), Fumi Amano (USA), Karine Portal (France), Michèle Lapointe (Canada)

GMFT 2021 : DAY six 25.03.21

Ghazel Hasan Abunemeh (Jordan) , Mollie McKinley (United States) , Priska Jacobs (Switzerland) , Romina Gonzales (Peru/United States) , Sandra Bacchi (United States)

GMFT 2021 : DAY five 24.03.21

Stella Brajterman (Brazil) ,  Andie Brown (UK) , Brina Steblovnik (Slovenia) , Grace Whiteside (US) , Madeline Rile Smith (US) , Frantzsen & Mjanger (Norway) 

GMFT 2021 : DAY four 23.03.21

Pilar Panzarasa (Argentina) ,  Simone Frezer (Germany) , Alejandra Cardenas (Germany/Peru) , Eva Vd Zand (Netherlands) , Jennifer Hand (Netherlands) , Jessalyn Mailoa (US) 

GMFT 2021 : DAY three 22.03.21

Te Rongo Kirkwood (NZ) ,  Agnieszka Aleksandra Bar (Poland) , Bre’Annah Stampley (US) , Caroline Landau (US) , Muriel Uribe & Aranda Ortega (Mexico) 

GMFT 2021 : DAY TWO 21.03.21

Angela Davies (UK) , Chinyurin (China) , Sofia Cianciulli (UK) 

GMTf 2021 : DAY ONE 20.03.21

Amy F W Corcoran (UK) ,  Flora deBechi (UK) ,  Abigail Reynolds (UK) Ingrid Elizabeth Martínez Buendía (Mexico) Kazue Taguchi (US) , Vanessa Hafenbrädl (Germany) , Ying Chiun Lee (Taiwan)

GMTF 2021 : FILM