Glass Meet The Future Film Festival 2021

"The glass stories "
Brina Steblovnik, Slovenia


20 march 2021 - 04 april 2021


The film depicts the beauty of glass substance as seen through the eyes of the young designer, coming from Slovenia. The forests of her hometown used to be a home of many forest glassworks, of which nothing but stories remained. In contrast, the north of Czech Republic with a lively community of glass studios is presented, showing the embodied skill of glassblowing, kiln forming and cold working. The glass stories are an attempt of bringing the wider public closer to the world of glass, as well as pointing to the cultural importance of preserving glass crafts.


Brina Steblovnik: Director, Screen Writer, Narrator, Starring – Simon Bregar: Director of Photography, Editor, Special thanks to the filming premises and portrayed craftsman: Glassworks Lasvit Ajeto, Glassworks Kunc, UMPRUM, Academy for Art, Architecture and Design in Prague And the helping locals of Smolnik village, Andreja Kotnik, Milan Višič and Samo Steblovnik for sharing their stories and found glass objects from the location of one of the last glassworks of Pohorje hills

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Brina Steblovnik

My personal projects are created in the frame of critical design, the results of which are mostly realised in glass. Due to my interest in glass crafts, the content of my work is dealing not only with contemporary socio-political or technological issues, but also with the critical reflection on (glass) production and design practice itself. My inspiration is in the contemporary philosophical discourse, with the goal of my work being to induce reflection, discussion or speculation on the given topic.