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Yazmin Dababneh
united states
kiln glass & hot glass

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My work is driven by my fascination of quantum physics and metaphysics, and explores how the energy that creates matter holds the answers to what we are, why we are and how we’re all connected. All matter is composed of an unseen energy that permeates the entire universe, connecting people and things across time and space. My work approaches this unseen energy through the manipulation and interaction of materials such as glass, steel, light, shadow and video projection. My work strives to evoke a sense of interconnectedness and wonder by exploring consciousness and reality through material manipulation and experimentation. My practice is heavily influenced by quantum physics— specifically string theory, quantum entanglement and limbic resonance, which all discuss our internal connection of consciousness to the multiverse. These studies describe the way the universe is interconnected and how everything is affected by one another through multiple dimensions beyond the three-dimensional world we’re able to perceive. My work seeks to make visible these intangible ideas through material explorations that result in sculpture, installation, experimental film and immersive experiences.

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