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Rachael Brooke
hot glass

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My artistic process starts with experiencing the landscape, documenting with photographs and videos as well as writing and simply meditating in nature. Often, I will use my documentations in collaboration with other materials such as glass. Experimenting with different mediums also provides me with inspiration as I utilise mistakes and purposefully bring elements of surprise into my work. Diaphanous, flowing and illuminating qualities are what I am most often drawn to exploring as the experiences of light, movement and layers of translucent materials in nature continue to capture my attention. Learning how to work with glass was a huge inspiration and I fell in love with the medium while studying it as my major at the Australian National University School of Art and Design. In both its hot and cold forms, glass is full of energy, warmth and surprise. Glass can seem very cold, hard and untouchable, yet it’s through holding and moving blown objects with my hands that I have truly discovered the amazing illuminating qualities and macro details of glass. Combing these revelations of material and light in the studio and outside, I ask us to look deeper, getting closer to the materials and moments around us.

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