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Mare Saare
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Mare Saare / Estonia (b. 1955, Tallinn, Estonia) Mare Saare, an Estonian glass artist, is internationally known for her fragile colourful glass sculptures fused in sand moulds. Her works, however, are multifarious and also include hot glass, stained and architectural glass, acid-etching, engraving and photography. Until 2018 head of the department of glass of the Estonian Academy of Arts, now Professor Emeritus and honorary member of the Estonian Artists’ Association, Mare has organized and participated in numerous glass exhibitions and symposia in Estonia and abroad and won several prizes including the prestigious Kristjan Raud annual art prize (2011), silver prize of the International Kanazawa Glass Exhibition in Japan (2010) and annual prize of Estonian Culture Foundation (2001). Living in the small coast town Haapsalu, she now spends her summers on the island of Saaremaa, a partner artist at Laugu Glassworks. Her glass art is very sensitive, she seems to touch on the basic values of life, following instinctively what is happening in her immediate surroundings and in the wide world. Her dedication to photography allows her a deep insight into both natural world and her own creations, photos fused onto glass are afterimages recording past moments. She considers her delicate glass sculptures to become definitions for different circumstances and mirror the world around us. „In her creative work Mare is like a traveler who with an open heart constantly chooses new routes, trying to comprehend the essence of the world, seeking artistic solutions to the dilemma of world’s finiteness or unfiniteness, usually through the medium of glass“, writes an Estonian art critic Reeli Kõiv in her essay.

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