Meet the Maker : Jessamy Kelly (Craft Scotland)


Meet Jessamy Kelly, a Scottish maker who combines ceramics and glass to create unique forms.



This film is a Craft Scotland production.

Jessamy Kelly

Jessamy Kelly is a glass artist based in Edinburgh, she completed her BA in ‘Glass and Ceramics’ at the University of Sunderland in 2001 and went on to complete her Masters in ‘Glass Design’ at Edinburgh College of Art, in 2002. She completed her practice-based PhD in glass and ceramics at the University of Sunderland in 2009. She has been teaching as a lecturer in Glass at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) since 2012 and is currently the vice chair of the Raft research group, a network that supports and explores the changing identity of craft practice. She works predominantly in kiln cast glass, she seeks out natural phenomena that allows her to capture a fleeting, transience in her work; capturing light by diamond cutting the glass to reveal its inherent transparent and translucent qualities. Her work has been exhibited widely throughout the UK as well as internationally throughout Europe and the United States.

glass lives 2020

Glass Lives explores the human relationship with glass making and material. Uncovering some of the exceptional European master artisans using long-held traditions, skills and knowledge.


Glass Lives celebrates the visionary embodiment of both creativity and craftsmanship by European master artisans at the highest level of excellence. Supported by the EU Creative Europe Programme, collaboration lies at the heart of what the ISGNE network represents, encouraging exchange and fostering a sense of building a stronger glass community.

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