Why I Make: Glassblowing in the UK with Jahday Ford (British Council)


Step inside the studio of Jahday Ford in the UK and discover how the craft of glassblowing is ‘crazy cool’ and why he believes anyone who has a passion should follow it.


This film is part of the British Council’s Why I Make film series for our global programme, Crafting Futures. We commissioned this film series to celebrate craft and share maker’s stories from around the globe; to inspire us and to show the value of craft in our history, culture and world today. From embroidery in Mexico to glassblowing in the UK and batik in Malaysia, find inspiration in the stories and work of these practitioners as they tell us, ‘Why I Make’.

Jahday Ford

Since relocating from Bermuda to Manchester UK in 2011, Jahday Ford has developed his artistry through collaborations, craft design theory and most recently graduating from The Manchester School of Art  in Three Dimensional Design. 

His transition into the professional industry have had constant exposure to styles, cultures, markets, advances in technology and various material combinations. Each aspect of these findings has been crucial, yet very exciting throughout the idea generation and creative growth within his work predominantly in glass making. His primary focus leads towards the exploration in experimental and digital glass which are crafted with bespoke wood and metal moulds. It’s an unorthodox methodology that uses programming, CNC drilling and water-jet cutting to create precise formations, patterns, and innovative characteristics not possible by traditional hand techniques. 

Jahday’s most recent glassworks have showcased in New Designers, London Design Junction, Manchester Craft & Design Centre & The National Centre for Craft & Design based in Lincolnshire.

glass lives 2020

Glass Lives explores the human relationship with glass making and material. Uncovering some of the exceptional European master artisans using long-held traditions, skills and knowledge.


Glass Lives celebrates the visionary embodiment of both creativity and craftsmanship by European master artisans at the highest level of excellence. Supported by the EU Creative Europe Programme, collaboration lies at the heart of what the ISGNE network represents, encouraging exchange and fostering a sense of building a stronger glass community.

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