Hosted by Ica Headlam, Creative Me Podcast has partnered with North Lands Creative to bring a series of conversations with glass artists across Europe. Part of ISGNE Glass Lives Week 2020 at North Lands Creative, each episode explores an individual’s personal and professional development along with their passion for working with glass. These conversations were made possible with the support from our funding partners Creative Scotland and Creative Europe.

Episode two is with artist and glass blower Chris Day. We spoke about Chris engagement with art developing at a later stage in his life, being an artist of mixed English and Jamaican parentage and what it means to be black in the UK. Which he also explored further this year with his first solo exhibition Blown, Bound and Bold.


In the time that one knows Christopher Day, one learns how beauty and horror in his practice exists, it borrows the seductive qualities of glass to make work that comments on issues of race with narratives that range from complex inquiries to unflinching social vignettes. Day makes objects that are more than racially defined, reflecting multiple dimensions of identity and experience.


Day is a mixed race artist who uses his craft to navigate what it means to be black in the UK. And also, white. While he might be both, he sometimes feels like he is not enough of either. His new work, deeply personal in exploration, are often self-portraits that explore what it means to be biracial in the UK by playing on stereotypes and aspects of generalisations. 





Dimensions 30 x 25 x 25cm

Handblown & sculpted glass with micro bore copper pipe, copper wire & steel chain



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glass lives 2020

Glass Lives explores the human relationship with glass making and material. Uncovering some of the exceptional European master artisans using long-held traditions, skills and knowledge.


Glass Lives celebrates the visionary embodiment of both creativity and craftsmanship by European master artisans at the highest level of excellence. Supported by the EU Creative Europe Programme, collaboration lies at the heart of what the ISGNE network represents, encouraging exchange and fostering a sense of building a stronger glass community.

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